Year 4

Hello Year 4's,

Tell me about something that is really important to you.

Miss Rimmer


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  2. Hello Miss Rimmer

    One of my favourite book is called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

    I like this book, because the scenes in it are very scary, and it includes a lot of sudden turns and twists and it includes lots of good character descriptions.


    Hermione Granger
    The really smart one
    Harry Potter
    A famous child that saves himself from the worst wizard in
    the world.
    Ron Weasley
    He's the clumsy child and he's very funny.

    My favourite part of the book is when Tom Riddle fights Harry Potter.

  3. Hello Mrs Rimmer my favourite book is Malory Towers it is about a girl called Darrel who has a lot of adventures at school she is having trouble making friends. I like this book because I am despite to find out what the type of adventure is. My favourite character is Darrell because she always goes on exciting adventures.

  4. Hi Miss Rimmer

    I do have a favourite book it is called Horrid Henry
    goes to the funfair

    I like it because Horrid Henry is good to his brother but his brother is mean back so loses his pocket money and is not allowed to go to the funfair

  5. hi miss rimmer
    my favourite book is Horrid Henry's nightmare

    and my favourite characters are Horrid Henry and Rude Ralph

    the book is about Horrid Henry having a nightmare about the horror stories he said to Rude Ralph and Perfect Peter.Horrid Henry's nightmare is about a zombie bunny.

  6. Hi Miss Rimmer,my favourite book is Catmagic.It is about a girl called Lottie and she has to move to live with her boring uncle because her mum has moved to work in Paris for the summer holidays.

    Uncle Jack takes Lottie to his animal shop there are pink mice playing WWE (world wrestling entertainment).She falls asleep and when she wakes up she finds she's alone.

  7. One of my favourite series is the Cupcake Diries.My favourite characters are Katie,Mia,Alexis and Emma and they are the Cupcake club.They have enimies called Sydney, Maggie, Bella|and Callie (the PGC).Callie was the best friend of Katie but now not.The Cupcake club love bakeing and do sells.Mia and Alexis also like football.

  8. hi

    My favorite book is Tracy Beaker

    Tracy has an enimy called Justine. Some other characters are Roxy,Rio,Chantel,Rebecca,Louise,Peter,Crash,Justine,Michal , Jackie and loads more.I like the book because it is funny . Tracy wants a lady called Cam to foster her. Tracy lives in a care home.

  9. This is a bit about Gulliver's Travels:

    First, Gulliver is with his family and friends and he tries lots and lots of different inventions,but none of them seem to work. So, he carried all his clothes and moved to see what else he could find, by boat, but in the end he nodded off to sleep and he got washed up. Then little people come and bombard him with mini arrows. The little people are from Lilliput and they take him to a giant prison for people to come and see him and then the empora of Lilliput would get lots of money.

  10. Gulliver is a tall giant and he goes on adventures.He is with his family and friends.He tries to new inventions.He goes in a boat and gets washed up into a small land.The little people are from Lilliput and they take down Gulliver.They pinned him down.

  11. Hi Miss Rimmer,Gulliver's Travels is about a giant called Gulliver and he travles around the world.On his way he finds an island called Blufuscu.There he meets the emporer and he wees on him.

  12. Hello Miss Rimmer

    Gulliver's travels is about gulliver gets washed up to Liliput and the Liliput people attack him he is a giant to them.soon he makes friends with them and soon they plot to kill him

  13. It's about a giant who discovers a land called lilliput and
    Blafescu he makes friends with them.

  14. Hi
    I am writing about Gulliver. Gulliver has been on many travels. He goes to Lilliput.

  15. Gulivers Travels is about Gulliver who goes on a lot of adventures and doesent spend a lot of time with his family he loves to go on adventures to discover different countries that no human like him has discoverd before. He has had difficult times in a land called Lillyput they planned to make him dead but luckily he escaped.

  16. How was your holiday, did you do anything special during the short half-term.

  17. Hello Miss Rimmer
    During the half-term I did lots of interesting things that are very exciting:

    Monday: I went on my bicycle with my brother and my dad. We went to Fairlop Waters and together we rode round the park which had a long pond in the middle. As we went round the park there were several activities that my brother and I played on the wooden carved objects.
    Tuesday: On Tuesday I stayed at home and put my feet up. After a few long hours I heard some letters come through the post. One of them were for my brother, it was a letter from the Blue Peter show. He got a blue peter badge.
    Wednesday: I went to my favourite Chinese shop to have some lunch and then I went to the supermarket to buy some chinese foods to cook our own dishes.
    Thursday: On Thursday my family and I went to do some rock climbing centre with our friends.
    That is what I did on my short half-term.

  18. Hi Miss Rimmer,In the half term I went to watch the circus.I watched some people do flips and somersaults.It was amazing and some of the people were dancing.There were two people husband and wife, they were good and what they did was the wife went on a board and went around and around and the husband throw daggers at her but missed her all the time it was called The Dagger Throwing.There was a clown called Tweed and he was really funny everyone in the crowd started laughing.

  19. Hi Miss Rimmer

    On the half term I went straight to my grandad's house I mainly played on the nintendo wii.We play wii party and on wii party we play games like tropical punch and Flag Fracas.No one can beat me at that game the aim of the game is to get the flag.We especially made paper aeroplanes I made some out of chewit wrappers they could fly across the room and the room was about 10 metres long.I made the world's best paper aeroplane.

  20. Hi Miss Rimmer
    Over half term I went to my Nain and Grandpa's house.We got there at midday on Saturday.We had a cup of tea and relaxed after our 4 hour journey.We went to bed at about 12 o'clock that night.

    In the morning we noticed that we had valentines chocolates on our bedside tables because our mum and dad went out for dinner.We ate all the chocolates at 6 o'clock in the morning!We went into Nain and Grandpa's bedroom.That day we went for a walk in the woods.

  21. Hi
    My best friend snowy came round last Thursday.We made fairyland we used my big pink bean bag plus all my bedding and all the chairs. It was very very fun. Before snowy came I made friendship cakes each cake had letter

  22. Hello Mrs Rimmer, In the half term holidays I went to my best friends house Snowy. We painted colourful butterflies Snowy's
    little sister naughtily painted on Snowy's white board. Then Snowy's sister then snow gun cheekily. she made me and snowy
    scream and laugh to death. Snowy's sister squartied pretend
    snow at me and Snowy. After that we cleaned ourselvs. We ate
    wonderful lunch then I went home.

  23. Hi Miss Rimmer,

    I am dressing up as Rey from Star Wars and my little brother is dressing up as Kermit from the Muppets. I have two arm warmers, brown boots, a top and bottoms.

  24. I go to a centre in Lougton to do some gymnastics, on Monday. My teacher is called Sasha. I am with a group of children aged between 10-13. I'm ableto do forward roles, cartwheels, backflips, frontflips and summer salts. I use the bars, the pommel horse, the valt and the beam.

  25. My favourite book character is Merida she loves riding her horse and shooting arrows. she likes sneakily stealing other peoples puddings. Merida is a Disney princess.she shoots an apple and eats it by herself.She doses not want to marry a prince she doses not want to marry anyone. She doses not even want to be a princess. But she is mostly mean. I am dressing up as her for world book day.

  26. Hi Miss Rimmer
    My favourite is Lottie from Catmagic because she is very mysterious and she is very lady-like.
    The story is about a girl called Lottie.My favorite part of the story is when Lottie gets bullied by four older girls from her school and they fancy Lottie's cousin,Danny because he is in their class.
    Hi again,I am dressing up as Wendy from Peter Pan because I love Peter Pan.

  27. Hi Miss Rimmer

    My favourite book character is Horrid Henry,he isn't a disney character he used to be my favourite book character.He be's mean to his little brother but in one of the books he be's kind to his little brother but his little brother is mean to him.In one of the books he gets a girl doll and his little brother Peter got loads of money.Horrid Henry thinks life is so unfair and he always talks about what he would do if he was king.

  28. Hi,

    My favourite book character is Tinkerbell because she is a fairy and she is very beautiful. She wears a green dress, she also has blonde hair which she wears tied in a bun and has sparkly fairy dust that follows her about. Tinkerbells wings are see through with a little sparkle and lots of detail. The other fairies in Tinkerbell are Silvermist, Rosetta, Thorn and Videa. Tinkerbell was born when a baby first cried. Tinkerbell is a disney film.

  29. Hi,

    My favourite character is Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Dorothy has a little dog called Toto and together they enter a magical world called Oz. While they are here they go on a journey to find the Wizard of Oz so they can defeat the wicked witch of the west.They try to defeat the witch and she follows the yellow brick road with her bright,red shoes.She meets some people like the tin man the lion

  30. Hello Miss Rimmer
    I'm now on a new level on gymnastics! I am now with the 10-13 years old. I can now do a summer-salt on the trampet, which is like a double mini trampoline connected together. One trampoline is put at an angle and the 2nd trampoline which is just upwrite. When you get to the end of the trampet, I would do a summer-salt. On the beam I can do a cartwheel, stay on and do a hand stand and flip over off the beam and land on my feet!

  31. Hi Miss Rimmer
    I would love a cat because all my brother and I do is tease each other and I find it sooooo hard to actually get on with something without getting annoyed from my brother. So I'd love to play with a cat.